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"To know oneself is the start of knowledge, to share oneself without fear is the start of life"

Invigorate your life, unlock the love you seek, tap into your potential with confidence and courage

Overcome the barriers that keep you stuck internally so you can enjoy living the life you have right now


This is a home for the light-seekers, transformation-craving, driven souls looking for a new standard of living in all areas of their life to connect, learn and grow with a community of like-minded individuals.

Like a coffee shot for the soul, we will give you a pathway to a higher level of living, providing you with the tools, information and support you need to move beyond the barriers of your life so that you may experience that which you most desire in a state of freedom and flow.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built up against it"

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Unlock your Love Blocks

A step-by-step guide to overcoming your LOVE KARMA so you can attract the partner you want and experience the love you desire!

This course will not only give you the tools to attract the right partner and deeply connect with them, it will ensure that you have the information, education and support you need to create a strong, sustaining and fulfilling love relationship that lasts.

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I completed the Unlock your Love Blocks program earlier this year. It was one of the most in-depth, life changing programs I have every done. Rebecca Lee guides you through the 12 chakras and gives detailed explanation on each chakra as well as meditations to assist you to delve deeply into the blocks that are there. This program helped me to see and feel the blocks that I had and gave me ways to release these so that I may live my life more fully. Rebecca’s feedback and guidance was always spot on. If you want a program that challenges you and helps you to delve deeply into your soul to help you live a more fulfilled and authentic life, then I would thoroughly recommend doing this course. For me it was one of the best things, I have every done.

Carolyn H, Australia

"I first met Rebecca-Lee in 2015 when she was talking about energy management as part of a rejuvenation retreat she was co-hosting. From there, I became interested in her Unlock Your Love Blocks course and later her Healing with the Ancestors workshops. Rebecca’s teaching style, honesty and spiritual leadership helped me through a number of traumatic circumstances in my life, that were essentially preventing me from attracting the amazing partner I was yearning for.

Her work has helped me (and continues to help me) understand and heal familial patterns that were affecting my life. I have also now met an amazing partner!! I now have the opportunity to co-create a relationship beyond the negative karmic patterns my previous relationships were stuck in, thanks to everything I have learnt and the awareness I have gained about myself through this work.

I feel Rebecca will remain part of my life-long spiritual journey as my mentor and spiritual leader as she continues to provide me with guidance and support.

I would thoroughly recommend you get started with her work - it will change you and your life".

Kelly B

Rebecca Lee has helped me work through some really big family issues that caused me a lot off pain. I felt pressured and over-burdened at times with responsibilities that were really not my own.

Rebecca-Lee has helped me recognise what I was carrying for others that I didn't need to. This work has helped me shift my perception in how I give and receive love and let go of old repeating patterns that I was playing out with my children.  

Rebecca Lee is very caring and intuitive and I am more than happy to recommend her work via private sessions and the various programs as they really help you be self aware and stay on track.
Lynda Kagan

I was searching and  looking for some guidance and tools to help me unlock my blocks to creating love in my life. I had been stuck in some patterns with an ex and really wanted to break out of them. I was also struggling with some family dynamics and lacking the confidence to step into my purpose.  

First and foremost, Rebecca-Lee’s work has helped me connect back with myself as she gave me the tools to dive deep and SEE the real me.  

Rebecca is a wonderful mentor and guide, and her program is truly life changing. Her process guides you through the chakra system in such depth that you will discover so much of what has been blocking you on every level, leaving you feeling empowered and more aware of where you hold yourself back in life.

Since completing this course, I have made lots of positive changes in my life, from letting go of an old worn out relationship to moving to a City I love. This program will challenge your perceptions, beliefs,  release stuck energy and old patterns, and most importantly give you great opportunities to delve deep into your soul.

You will not regret making this investment in yourself.  

Michelle Hozynka

I was at a loss in my life around my role as a mum when I joined the UYLB online program. I enrolled into the program to delve deeper into why I struggled to be confident and know my own self worth.  I also really struggled with having clear boundaries with others.   

During the program one of my biggest lessons I learnt was to trust my own inner compass and  apply that into my life. My life has shifted in many positive ways throughout the course and it still continues to do so. I see myself in a positive  new light and I have been embracing my power through parenting my children in a way I know is right for me and them.  

I honestly feel more love for the person I am today, than I have ever felt before.   I am looking forward to continuing my journey to be the best version of myself and to lead by example for my children.   If you are considering joining this amazing program, there is no doubt that you will be supported  and held with love, safety, respect, compassion and empathy.

You will have access to some profound meditations and resources that you can go at your own pace. You will also need to be prepared to do the work and delve deep. 

If you would like to reconnect and heal parts of yourself, then I highly recommend you do this program. It has been life changing for me."

Rachel Fairlamb

Rebecca-Lee is a beautiful soul. I met Rebecca-Lee at one of her events Unlock Your Love Blocks Events in 2015. I was in a bit of a stuck time in life not meeting the man of my dreams. So I booked her workshop a year in advance! I had never booked an event to help heal my life before. I knew something had to change. The day over the event I arrived not really knowing what it was all about – I just thought is was going to help me find a boyfriend! Lol It gave me so much more. I was amazing. I learnt so much about myself, my ancestors and I met the most amazing souls who were all there for different reasons. We all connected as one, everyone came from across Australia. Now these beautiful souls have become friends for life – we share our ups and downs and still continue to have growing support from Rebecca-Lee through her forums.

Now Rebecca-Lee is someone I look up to as a Coach, friend and beautiful Soul. The Unlock Your Love Blocks work was pivotal in shifting the course of my life and my work as I am now following my dreams to also heal others. In the past few years my life has changed – a new Relationships, a new business and new friends. 

It all started from this work.

Thank you Rebecca-Lee – love you so much for always being there. 

Sandra Caruana