Is your love karma holding you hostage

If you are one of those people who feel like you have all the pieces of a beautiful puzzle sitting in your hands and yet you struggle to be able to build the picture and put it all together – especially when it comes to love and intimate relationships – you might be dealing with and sometimes suffering (unnecessarily) from your LOVE KARMA.

Love Karma, just like all other Karma is a spiritual principle of cause and effect – where the intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Many people understand the concept of Karma, and they attribute their Karmic resonance in this life with their souls actions in its current incarnation as well as resulting from past incarnations and lives.

At a base level this understanding is fine, however, where things get tricky is in the understanding of the purpose of your Love Karma, the projection of it as positive or negative and the deep and often unconscious belief that to transcend your Karma – of any type – you must suffer.

It is this belief at some level fused with the energetic blocks that your Love Karma creates in the body and soul that prevents many people from being able to “finish their puzzle,” so to speak. And it is this misguided understanding and general lack of awareness of how to work with your personal Karma and the energetic body that keeps you “stuck in love.”

“Being stuck” can manifest in many ways including as the inability to attract the right partner, or resolve issues in a relationship, or maybe you have a pattern of always going after the bad boy, arguing day in and day out with your partner on the same tiny thing, or maybe you simply can’t seem to break through the wall and enjoy what you actually do have….

Learning to understand and traverse the landscape of your LOVE KARMA is the key to breaking free of negative patterns in your intimate relationships once and for all.

So, how do you know what your LOVE KARMA is and how do you move beyond it?

Karma can be seen as an energetic balance that consistently seeks to balance itself out. Your Love Karma is the same thing – energetic imbalances in the chakra system trying to balance out, however, the thing is that these imbalances also known as LOVE BLOCKS are navigating themselves to balance out with a misguided GPS that says, “to transverse your Karma you must suffer.”

This GPS is you – well your unconscious – and it is holding onto a wrong belief. The truth is that Karma is not positive or negative and the idea that you need to suffer because of it is flawed. You can overcome your Love Karma quickly and effectively if you are willing to do the work and to be clear no one needs to suffer!

To begin to move beyond your LOVE KARMA you must first be ready to do the work and this means taking full responsibility for your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.Once you have this commitment it is simply a matter of steps.

To move beyond your LOVE KARMA and find a lasting loving relationship simply follow the process below:

  1. Identify what your personal LOVE BLOCKS are (energetic imbalances) and discover WHY they are present.
  2. Forgive yourself
  3. Remove your LOVE BLOCKS one by one simultaneously raising your vibration (your LOVE KARMA is made up of all your LOVE BLOCKS, so when you remove a block you change your KARMA)
  4. Take positive action to reiterate a new belief and way of being

Ultimately, we are energetic beings. Everything within and around us, and in this world is energy. It affects all of us in many ways and when you can learn to work with your own energy and understand where the flow of energy is blocked you can clear the channel and start to attract something new.

To identify blocks you will need to become a detective and start to be in “commune” with your soul and body. Communicate with it and listen for guidance. Then write down what you hear. After this take time to reflect on what has come up and then release it. Start by simply asking yourself questions such as:

  1. Where in my body am blocked?
  2. How is this block serving me? What is my lesson here?
  3. Am I ready to accept the lesson?
  4. What is a belief that will serve me better?

Our LOVE KARMA exists to support us to evolve to a higher state of being. It is designed to give us the keys to experience real, true love and relationships that support us to grow, evolve and expand.

In my upcoming Webinar, I will be going deep on the “How, What & Why” of our LOVE KARMA, guiding those brave souls that are ready to move forward to discover their personal love archetype, learn how to eradicate Love Blocks and understand the differte types of relationships that you can manifest and the ones you really want to attract (hint: there is so much more than a soul mate relationship!)…..

The BIG TRUTH is that you right now deserve the love you want, and you right now have what you need to experience this, you just need the key to unlock it. Join me and together let’s discover the path to true, equal and lasting love and the relationships that will deliver it!

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