​Moving Beyond Soul Mates

Every day I connect with people that are searching. People that believe that they are not whole. People that think if they could just find the right person to love them, life would be everything they want, everything that it is not now.

Society has built a narrative that has directed people outside of themselves. I listen intently as people tell me they are desperate to find their soul mate, their twin flame – that one person that will complete them, that will change their life and make them the best version of them.In theory this is a noble desire, it is what we all want, a partnership, a romance, an endless love story…. However, this is a deeply flawed narrative that is keeping many people stuck in pain and confusion.

In my work as an intuitive clairvoyant and coach I have come to realise that these types of soul relationships are not the relationships that bring people joy, growth or the endless love that they actually desire.In reality the traditional soul mate and twin flame relationships are very karmic and limiting.

Starting with the “Soul Mate,” whilst there is that familiarity, the relationship can be plagued with negative patterns that the partners repeat with each other life time after life time. Or in another instance it could be that you are completely comfortable and safe with each other, but as a consequence the relationship and the individuals remain stagnant and do not evolve in this lifetime.

Then there are those who are seeking their “Twin Flame”. However, I have seen a lot of people suffer great heartache from their twin, stuck in emotional turmoil, unable to commit to the type of love that the other twin seeks, leaving them lost and confused.

In my work with singles and couples I act as a support for them to move beyond their patterns, their love karma and seek something beyond these karmic soul relationships. By working through the energetic and soul blocks of each individual, we can awaken a deep knowledge inside of them. We can tap into their innate higher calling of love and purpose, so that a truly dynamic evolving relationship can manifest, with a “divine lover” or “true mate”, as I like to call them. These relationships consist of two whole individuals who are willing to constantly challenge themselves and/or their relationship so they can continually evolve spiritually together. They are prepared to do their own work and move beyond what they have learnt as a soul leaning into deeper expanding consciousness and bring that learning and energy to their relationship and the earth.

In this way, the individual can then have the capacity to experience a level of intimacy, vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency that is available in all areas of life. Through this work with a true mate each person in the partnership can be with each other without any boundaries, moving beyond ego, without sliding into destructive patterns and find a greater sense of self.

Relationships that refuses the urge to slip into the familiar known ground and can then find a new way, have a higher purpose. The couple as a whole and as two individuals become prepared to bring more of their full self into the light and express and accept who they are across all areas of life. The greater purpose of the pair is then completed as they fuse together the talents and skills they have been forming over their lifetime to do something to better this world, to enhance their families, friends and communities as they help prepare it for a new era of being and connecting.

Unconditional true love exists in the space where you are whole as you and can accept you and your lover as they come. Your true mate is the person who shows you the areas for growth and then stands with you as you work to heal yourself so that you are free to experience more love within and without.

If you are wanting to find your true mate, it might be time to re-consider the shopping list and open yourself to that person who may trigger you but is still on your mind….