The Happiness Timeline.

I have worked with clients across various challenges for many years now, and without doubt the most common question I get asked (regardless of the challenge) is “How long will it take until I am happy?”


Every time I hear these words or any similar mix of well-intended enquiry, I smile to myself because the truth is it will take as long as you want it to take.


Often people understand the intellectual idea of “being in charge of their own happiness” however, they are not fully ready to own their happiness and take responsibility for it. Often what keeps people stuck is their ability to be honest with themselves.


If you are ready to fast-track your happiness and ready to get honest with the one person - the one person that can change your life (yourself), then here are 5 keys to unlock your blocks around being happy that you can start now:


  • Take responsibility – Other people cannot make you truly happy. No matter how much you think someone should change, ultimately it is not their responsibility to be what you want them to be to make you happy.This is simply giving away your power to someone for your happiness. The only person you can control and change is yourself. Focus on what you can do to change how you feel.


  • Don’t look for quick fixes – There is no short cut to happiness. You will need to do the work inside yourself, and it will take as long as it takes. There are many opportunities for quick fixes to happiness - shopping, alcohol, drugs, sex, food etc. but they just add to your problems in the long run.


  • It’s OK to be happy! – Just because the people around you are not happy does not mean you can not let your happiness shine. Fear of being criticised or rejected for your successes could tempt you to put a lid on your happiness to fit in. Realise that what you need to do is shine your light.Eventually either you (or them) will want to spend less time around each other, or you will inspire them to change their mindset and change their life.


  • Appreciate the lows – We couldn’t have a life of learning and expansion if it were all high on bliss all the time. The key to happiness is gratitude. Your life is filled with colourful experiences to help you grow. Learn to look at and approach challenging times as an old friend who has come to guide you to a better path. Seek to be grateful for all of life’s challenges and you will find that you will work through them easier and quicker, rather than resist and create more pain.


  • Take back your power – You have to decide to be happy. You will need to consciously make the decision that happiness IS what you truly desire, and then hold that intention in the forefront of your mind and in your heart at all times and allow it to be the driving force of every decision and action you take!
Happiness is yours when ever you choose to take it!