The Light Worker and Romantic Relationships

I work with many “LightWorkers” every day – highly energy sensitive, empathic, intuitive beings – who have come to earth for a particular mission – this mission is always to bring “light” energy in some way. A “LightWorker” always feels driven to help, to be of service, to spread their light energy.

The primary area in which tends to create difficulties in the LightWorkers’ life is in personal romantic relationships.

LightWorkers’ so naturally give, they have come to earth to help heal and spread light and they often forget that they are entitled to receive and feel nurtured also. In fact, loving and being loved is a mutual energetic exchange – a cycle – that is essential for LightWorkers’ to complete their mission. In pursuit of their mission, they often attract lover’s that need healing.

So often they put their partner’ needs before their own on the path of service and healing, but as a consequence, their relationships are often not balanced.

On top of that, LightWorkers’, often become overtaken by their empathic gifts with an overwhelm of emotions and toxicity from others.This puts the LightWorker in a downward spiral, often keeping them in dysfunctional relationship pattern for years, until at some point, hopefully, they recognise that this is not what healthy love and relationships look like.

If they are unable to find healthy relationships and to find a purpose that in some way heals; their heart chakra (their main source of power) will shut down to protect themselves. When this happens, it then becomes impossible for them to receive love from others. It also shuts off their spiritual (healing) gifts. They lose their self-esteem and self-worth, thus leaving them more vulnerable to further dysfunctional relationships, or, alternatively, isolating themselves completely.

The Unlock Your Love Blocks program is about learning to give and receive equally and how you create and hold a space within and around you to keep that energy flowing. After being shut down for a long period of time, it may feel weird to take in new healthy love energy.

It is about helping you identifying where you have been blocked in love and purpose and what your strengths are; and what you need as an empathic highly sensitive soul to be fulfilled – how to ask for it, and how to allow yourself to receive it freely with joy. Are you ready? Very affordable High Vibration City memberships are opening soon where you can undertake this program and learn all that you need to know about subtle energy and how to use it for love, purpose and manifesting. Once you remember who you are and realise your purpose, you will be set on course to find healthy love and complete your mission, all whilst finding a wonderful balance between humanity and spirituality.