What Do You really Have to Lose?

It can be a scary thought to lose everything you have. Your material possessions, your lifestyle, the people around you, your security and comfort zone. Sometimes though, in order to get on the right track, we must be prepared to let some things go.
I am not saying that we need to give up everything we have established in our lives…but life happens…

Our Soul calls out to us in the most subtle and sometimes the most obvious ways!…..Life happens…shit happens…and we wonder what we have done wrong when things are not going right, or things start falling down around us.

If this is happening, please, be kind to yourself. You have done nothing wrong! It is your Soul saying “hey, it’s time, you have really got to move forward here, or you really need to start heading in different direction now and it is time to let go”

There is no mistake made when looking at our life truthfully, openly and objectively….willing to move with where life…your purpose in life now wants to take you. You have been where you have needed to be, and now, if this resonates with you, it is time to move on. Your Soul knows that another chapter is written into your destiny and is waiting to begin.

However, you must let go! You are still in charge with every decision you make….with every thought, response, reaction, word and action you take. You are in charge.
Do you resist…or do you see beyond what is happening for a higher truth, a new birth in your life to come forth?

Don’t be afraid to start over and rebuild your life in another way…everything in life in always changing, is impermanent… you are here on a journey, an adventure….learn when your Soul is asking you to let go of what no longer belongs in your life, what is holding you back., what is no longer you… You have changed on the inside, now it is time to reflect that in your life…and how you show yourself to the world. Don’t be afraid, you will be fully supported.

Don’t be afraid to be humble, don’t be afraid to admit where you have been wrong, don’t be afraid to make decisions that you feel you need to do, but make no sense to your ego…trust those inner stirrings….if you need to move on from something, someone or somewhere, this month could be the time for you to do it!

Give yourself that chance to be all you came here to be!