What is holding you back?

It is time. It is your time. Many of you know or feel this. Some of you may be feeling it and wondering ‘yeah but for what!?’

You know something is waiting to happen and that it is here, or it is close. A shift. The next level of consciousness on the planet perhaps.

More closer to home maybe you’d love to see some changes for yourself - it might be the new lover entering your life; a new career; doing something you’ve always dreamed of; a new place to live; the motivation to begin you physical transformation : perhaps and lose some weight; perhaps welcoming a baby into the world ; a long dreamed of trip; some kind of service to earth, animals or humanity; or your relationship undergoing some serious long overdue adjustments.

Maybe you are just ready to awaken the magic within you; surrender to awakening your spiritual gifts and unlocking yourself from all that keeps you small, hidden, bored, lost or waiting.

That force that wants to come through; that sense or knowing that something is going to change is your Soul telling you that it’s you! You are finally ready to let go of all that has been keeping you in karmic patterns. You are ready to step out and up in life but you just might not be sure how. Everything you have been through has got you to this moment.

Your higher essence is waiting and wanting to come through. It’s knocking at your locked doors within. You have to unlock the doors within you. There are some blocks in the way that you may just need some help understanding what key to use.

If you are interested , I’m opening doors right now- to High Vibration City - and want to welcome you to become part of my upcoming program where I will give you the keys and show you what doors to use them in.

As High Vibers you will be undertaking this Soul Mastery Apprenticeship with me over the next year as we explore your Soul - Unlock blocks to your heart, your purpose, your spiritual gifts and raise your vibration. To get you on your destined path and off the worn out old karmic track your done with. You are ready.

You are needed to be and live your highest vibration. No matter what it is and how that looks in the world – you are destined to lead others in love somehow. Some part of you knows this what I’m saying.

The earth needs you to step completely into your highest vibration now more than ever. We are at a fork in the road and it is my role to be your guide and guide you amazing souls off the merry-go-round and on to your true path.

We will work body, mind, heart and Spirit. You will learn to

  • open your heart and manage your empathic gifts, and your energetic sensitivities, by establishing healthy energetic boundaries;
  • you will learn to listen to the messages of your body – even understanding what food cravings you have relate to certain emotional and spiritual blocks in your chakras that are ready to be unlocked;
  • you will learn about your spiritual gifts, and how you can use them to navigate your love life, your career and even your parenting (breaking chains of long repeated family patterns);
  • connect with your ancestors and unravel soul entanglements and understand what family karma now sits with you to transcend and how you identify it and move beyond it;
  • understand simple yet powerful techniques in how to work with altars, the moon and the elements of the earth using rituals to transcend old patterns and lower vibrations;
  • you will gain a very deep understanding of the twelve chakra system – when the chakra develops (at what age), and what traditional happens to block those chakra’s and how this contributes to your own repeating negative patterns, and weakened energetic boundaries and how to unlock, clear, release and re-balance;
  • understand the various ego-parts of Self including the Inner Protector, Inner Critic, Inner Image Consultant and how to upgrade these parts out of fear and get them on the same page, moving you in the same direction rather than pulling you in different directions, leaking valuable energy that you could be using to get on your path of purpose.
  • understand fear and shame like never before, and learn how to pick up your sword and become your own shame slayer, breaking out of this lowest vibrational pattern;
  • understand the map of consciousness and your karmic vibrational level, and over the course of the year break through your karmic vibrational pattern;
  • understand your Lover Archetype and what you must do to break out of repeating Soul Mate relationship patterns;
  • Identify and break unwanted Soul contracts, energetic binds, including curses, x-markers, cords and other energetic and spiritual blocks that occur;
  • discover your animal totem and learn the powers and gifts they wish to bring you to transcend out of this current vibrational pattern you are in;
  • discover your Spiritual Guides and how to work with them to not feel so isolated on your spiritual journey, how to use your spiritual gifts, and how to navigate the intricacies of your Soul nature.

You will learn to call in soul fragments in from past-lives and through time and space , that hold various essences if you - gifts and knowledge that you have been missing on your path. You will integrate parts of yourself you never knew existed, or have been missing that will bring back very important gifts and pieces of the puzzle that have been missing.

You can meet with me daily in the forums, and we will get together live three times per month with live calls on the topic of the month with live coaching and readings; each month I will be conducting live energetic clearings, and live energy transmissions for you to receive higher vibrating energetic codes to help accelerate your journey;

There is so much more you will learn, experience and discover over the next year – skills and tools that you can use for a life-time. You will work around your Soul Map, getting to know yourself like never before. You will be releasing blocks and managing fears like never before. Life WILL change with this powerful work there is no doubt about it. I know that can be scary , but excited scary and your ready.

You will make some very deep and long lasting friendships in High Vibration City. Those that have worked with me over the years create long lasting friendships. Even if you usually keep to yourself and have had bad experiences with ‘people’, you won’t have to worry too much- you WILL find your tribe here.

I know what it is like not really knowing anyone in your life who you can talk to and share about your experiences on this level. Many of you have been really lonely and isolated for so long – even if you have others around you – you won’t have the connection you have been looking for or the openness to talk all things of the heart, energy and spirit.

I know what that is like, and part of my drive to create High Vibration City has been from my knowing and experience of this type of isolation. I wanted to provide a space, where we can all find each other and connect and share on this level.

You will be fully supported by me for over one year, with a life-time access to High Vibration City as one of my founding members. We will do the deep dive over the next year, we will laugh, cry, and learn with and from each other.

The most important thing is you will see that you are not alone. You are not a bad person; you are not crazy; you are worthy; gifted; and have important insights to realise about yourself and share with others. You have something to share with the world. You WILL learn that from each other as we go through this journey together.

This is not a course where your sent a bunch of docs and that’s it see you later! No way! We will be chatting and learning every week in different ways. I’ll keep it interesting and I’ll be keeping yous on your toes lol . With lots of love and humour too.

There is plenty opportunity for sharing, chatting, asking questions , and exploring with these ancient tools and knowledge. It’s flexible enough to work in and around your life but we will be getting to know each other very well! You can do what you feel is necessary for you, and that will move and shift as we move forward.

As a bonus to those that sign up as my Founding Members, I will offer you a free one-to-one session with me to use either over the phone or in person over the next year; a deck of Unlock Your Love Blocks oracle cards, and a discount on further one-to-one sessions and future programs, workshops, products and services I offer in the City.

If you are interested yet want to talk about this more - ask questions about this journey to ascertain if this is for you , I am offering free 20-minute discovery calls where we can chat further about your suitability to the program. You can book a time that is suitable for you here -

Book my Free call

I will give you a call. Please note that these are all in Brisbane, Australia times.

The doors are opening, so if you are ready to step through .........step in……. and step up, please book, connect with me within the next week , or book the discovery call. I do limit the places so jump in now. The last time I offered this work was in 2016.


Rebecca-Lee xx