Remote Energy Healing 80 minutes

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Rebecca-Lee is a natural clairvoyant and channel. She works as an Energy coach and specialises in unlocking karmic patterns – both personal and ancestral.

In her sessions, Rebecca-Lee will clairvoyantly see and sense the energy blocks that are preventing you from love, abundance and purpose. With clear integrity and focus, she uses her gifts to actively seek the truth within you and assist you to work through what is holding you back on your path. She will assist you clear those issues and as a result you will unlock karmic patterns that have been holding you back and repeating the same negative patterns and attracting the same negative people and situations.


  • Remote Energy Healing 80 minutes

    Rebecca-Lee will organise a time where you will lay down in a space where you can not be interrupted in your own home. At this time, Rebecca-Lee will perform a remote energy clearing on you to clear and balance chakra's, work with various transcodes and give you an energy shift, that will uplift your energy system. You will be sent a comprehensive report after your session about what happened in your session and coaching to help you continue your energy cleansing and move through blocks. $160

    Upgrade your energetic vibration and cleanse worries, fears and doubts so you are free to flow in love and joy. The remote healing will balance and clear your chakra’s, use various energy code vibrations to assist you ascend and raise your current vibrational status. The session will provide you with the insights you need to start moving forward in your desired area.

    Your comprehensive report will provide direct steps to integrate the energy upgrade into your daily being supporting you to move through blocks and integrate into your most divine being.