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A connected & grounded spiritual community.

A breathe of on-line fresh air for those ready to explore the outer terrains of social media.

We are a home for the truth-seeking, transformation-craving souls looking to connect with like-minded individuals away from the traditional social media platforms.

High Vibration City is your alternative to on-line connection,  where everyone is free to speak, be and live their truth and maybe even expand their consciousness to lengths they never thought possible. 

Social Networking, Reimagined

Imagine an Online Social Platform where everyone is embraced for who they are. Where spiritual growth, out-of-the box talk, alternative concepts and soul alignment to your own truth is the new norm - free from censoring and hidden agenda's.

This is High Vibration City.

We don't just accept the free-thinkers, the rebels, and those pushing the boundaries of the collective consciousness – we welcome them!

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Following a Divine Vision

From humble beginnings

High Vibration City is the manifestation of a vision received around ten years ago by Founder and Owner Rebecca-Lee. Rebecca and her husband have dedicated their time; their own dollars and heart-energy ever since to build this platform, trusting that it will be delivered to the world at precisely the right time it is needed. 2020 certainly seems to be that time.

High Vibration City is not owned by anyone with questionable high tech; Hollywood; Silicone Valley or Political connections nor does it owe any money to, or, does it have any Investors with political connections, ulterior motives or agenda's.

Rebecca-Lee's original vision was to provide an on-line space where the spiritually minded and curious; the truth seekers; and those that seem to walk on the edges of, or completely left-field of the mainstream narrative, could connect and share themselves freely.

Trust and Safety

Our Values

We are not interested in, nor will we share or sell your data or information.

Your newsfeed is not for sale; we will not manipulate what shows up and what doesn't on your newsfeed. You are in complete control over who shows up in your timeline.

You will not be censored. We believe that free speech is a fundamental human right. The evolution of the human race has not happened without many incredible souls coming forth and pushing the boundaries of our minds and what is possible. Everyone has the right to share their thoughts and beliefs as much as you have the right to believe or listen to whatever feels right for you at the time in your own heart.

It is our hope that everyone can work on being as open-hearted; patient; and understanding as possible with those whose opinions differ to yours. We live in one big colourful universe. What makes this world so wonderful is that we are all so different. Lets embrace difference!

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