Are you holding onto generations of family karma?

"Shift generations of suffering and unhappiness”

The Healing with the Ancestors® process is a profound and unique way of exploring and healing family dynamics

Unconscious family loyalties, unresolved family traumas and hidden dynamics are carried in the words you speak, the way you believe and think, they symptoms you express, the body defenses that you unknowingly construct. This is an opportunity for you to navigate this unconscious territory, and begin to shift long-standing patterns or suffering and unhappiness.

This process will take you through a journey to uncover where you may be unconsciously "taking on" or holding destructive family patterns such as – anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, alcoholism, and illness, among many other things, in a way to “belong” to your family.

Healing with the Ancestors works on the level of the Soul and with hidden energy to uncover the hidden dynamics of your family in an experiential way. Existing negative family energy can be observed and broken so that any unresolved stress or trauma can be released from your family system, to allow you to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life. Through the insight you will receive during this program, a new course for your life can be set in motion.

Are you ready to start healing?

For the first time since 2016, Rebecca-Lee is holding her in-person healing with the Ancestors in-person workshop

This introductory program will take you through a journey to uncover where you may be unconsciously taking on destructive family patterns such as – anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, alcoholism, illness among others, in a way to “belong” to your family. A child will usually sacrifice their own best interest in an attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or another family member.

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Why is Ancestral Healing Important?

The importance of our Ancestors has been eroded completely from the western culture, and so has the importance of acknowledging and healing with our Ancestors. If you commit to healing that which needs to be healed, and spend time honouring and being aware of your Ancestors, you can remarkably change your way of living and how you feel.

The positive changes that can result can be unexpected, but welcomed! Once energetic changes begin to happen in your connecting family field on a Soul level, many unconscious shifts begin, followed by many external things shifting in your life.

Many people are being affected by energetic family influences that underlie many physical and emotional problems.

Much of your suffering comes from a deep loyalty to your parents and families that often can be difficult to understand and navigate . . The innocent child part of you, wants to alleviate the pain and unhappiness of the family, so you take on energetically much for them. Unfortunately, it only leads you to more unhappiness.

For some, you will have felt it necessary to reject or distance yourself from your parents in an attempt to feel free. Yet that only causes more suffering. Often this is impossible to do this with them on a physical level - but you can do this work with them on a Soul level.

What's unresolved with our parents does not automatically disappear, even if we distance ourselves from them. If you do not do this work, the unresolved matter will serve as a template or “blueprint” for all your other relationships, and also can be past down to future generations to solve.

Each member of your family has an effect on all the other members – dead or alive – via the genetic trail or soul energy by which you are linked. This means that you are greatly affected by what has gone before you in previous generations. Some event or situation may have taken place several generations ago, that was perhaps not accepted or acknowledged by the family, or caused a massive disruption to the family line (wars and other atrocities, early deaths, loss of children etc will do this). These have grave e ffects on a family system and ripple down through the generations.

This will usually manifest as guilt or shame by the “greater soul” or “life force of the family group”, and will be taken on by individuals in later generations.

This is done in an unconscious attempt to relieve the burden from the rest of the family and may result in such things as a range of mental and, physical illnesses, suicide, or addiction or disturbed relationships patterns. This is why it is important to do your Healing with the Ancestors work, and allow all the members of your family to be acknowledged, take their rightful place, and take full responsibility for the decisions and actions in life.

Healing with the Ancestors Meditation

Healing with the Ancestors works on the level of the Soul and with hidden energy to uncover the hidden dynamics of your family in an experiential way. Start your journey today by downloading my free meditation audio file.

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how to see beyond the superficial surface level of life and others so that you can connect deeply with life and yourself

Tools & Strategies

the exact tools, strategies and rituals that will move your life forward to place of deep acceptance where you can connect with and create more love, deep joy and the relationship you desire

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through each lesson you will put what you are learning into practice so that are you progress through the stages of the course, you will be progressing in life too

Deep Confidence

in life often the difference between having what we want and not having what we want is simply a belief. Unlock Your Love Blocks will give you the deep knowing and confidence that YOU can have what you desire and it will guide you through the exact steps of achieving it!

Do you...

  • have unexplainable negative repeating patterns in your life that you have been unable to heal by other modalities;
  • have been affected directly or indirectly, by repeating negative family patterns and behaviours such as incest, substance abuse, physical abuse, financial or other physical challenges;
  • Feel extremely over-sensitive to your family history or a certain ancestors’ history;
  • Have an extreme fear of acknowledging/using your spiritual gifts;
  • Other fears or challenges you can’t seem to work through;
  • Feel like you are the “chosen one” in your family to break the family chains, but not sure how;
  • Have a general interest or curiosity with your Ancestors;
  • Feel called to be here

The Healing with the Ancestors process allows you to work on many levels simultaneously. You will primarily be working with Soul energy, which will allow you to go deep into your healing. During this process it is common for you to see your life or situation from a different perspective - one that reflects what is happening on a soul level with your family system.

If you sense that you are entangled with, suffering from or burdened with negative family patterns and karma then this process will help you

  • The person interested in understanding different soul relationships
  • The person who is tired but knows deep down there is something else waiting for you in this life
  • The person wanting deep, authentic confidence in themselves and life
  • The person who is empathic and can feel a lot of what is going on around them but struggles to know what is their own and what is others
  • The person who feels different – like the odd one out
  • The person who feels stressed and irritated but doesn’t know why
  • The person who struggles to trust themselves to make the right decisions
  • The person with a deep desire to do something special in this world

The opportunities and possibilities await...
The Healing with the Ancestors process gives you the opportunity to

  • Establish the things that happened in earlier generations that were traumatic or caused separation between family members in some way, that is now affecting you and your family;
  • Help your children - children often express what is unresolved between the parents or the Ancestors behind the parents. They also can mirror what you have long suppressed. When someone has been excluded (rejected) from the family e.g a failure, a child’s father, an alcoholic – our children often try to “bring in” what is excluded, to the awareness of the family, by continuing the suffering and behaving similarly to the one who has been left out.  Children often express the difficult or negative behaviours of the one who has been rejected. However, when you find your peace with the ones that have hurt and//or been hurt, it has a positive effect on you individually, and your children who may feel free from having to carry your heaviness for you.
  • Energetically shift your DNA so as to not inherit physical traits that will not serve you;
  • Explore how you may be “redeeming” what the earlier generations have done (family karma);
  • Identify if you have been unconsciously living or attempting to live out your parents or grandparents unfulfilled dreams, and not living your own dreams;
  • Take your rightful place in the family system, and allow your other family members to do the same. This will allow for the proper “order” in your family system, and allow love to start to flow down through the generations. Family systems are composed of energy that connects the members of the family group. Each system has an “order” in which each member has an equal place.Many western and modern societies have forgotten this. Through this process you will learn to recognize this order and energetically reinstate those members who have been excluded or out of order, thus restoring the natural order back to the family system. This will allow the love to flow more easily and give you a healthy place in your family.
  • You will also learn where you may be “loyal” or entangled to someone in your family today or with an Ancestor. Blind love or Soul entanglements can cause all sorts of negative patterns, bindings and challenges in your life. You will be given an opportunity to allow these to be revealed and healed, so that you can begin a path of a unconditional love to unfold in your love life, and also bring about happier relationships, self-esteem, and success.
  • Honour your Ancestors and show thanks through ceremony and ritual.

Healing with the Ancestors Workshop and Online Program

The science of epigenetics is proving that many people can inherit the trauma and fear suffered by their Ancestors. As I have always seen in my Ancestor work, patterns, trauma’s and separations suffered in earlier generations that have not been healed, move down through many generations until those affected by them are finally able to heal them.

The work you will be doing will be on an energetic and Soul level, yet the shifts can be felt by many in your family. The important thing to remember is that you are doing this work with a positive intention for finding a resolution for yourself, and not with the motivation of changing someone else.

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Rebecca Lee


Rebecca Lee is a Spiritual Mentor, natural clairvoyant, intuitive coach and energy worker. She is also the founder of High Vibration City and creator of Unlock Your Love Blocks, Healing with the Ancestors and Unlock Your Money Blocks.

Working with individuals at an emotional and energetic level, Rebecca identifies the internal blocks that are at the root cause of limiting behaviour patterns, so that they can consciously create change in any area of life.

Rebecca has worked one on one with hundreds of clients supporting them to locate and eradicate blockages created by negative experiences of the individual in past and present lives and the family of individuals. Belief systems can be passed downed through generations meaning that for many people, the ideas and beliefs that are holding them back - from experiencing peace, joy, wholeness and abundance - are not even their own!

Rebecca accompanies years of extensive study and training in alternative healing and coaching and a long career working across Australian Government agencies with individuals dealing with injury and stress. It is this combination of practical real world understanding coupled with intuitive natural clairvoyance that has made Rebecca skilled at supporting the individual to grow and evolve emotionally and energetically through practical, simple steps.

Rebecca is the outcome and example of her own work. It is her personal journey that has paved the path to her working with others as a direct channel to healing and wholeness. A qualified “Professional Life Coach,” she has extensive training and experience in energy medicine, spiritual gifts, shamanism, clairvoyant healing, mediumship, and family constellation.

She is the embodiment of the earth mother, grounded in her feminine and dedicated to nurturing the truth in all and supporting any one with a desire to grow and evolve so that they are capable of putting their best into the world.