“Shift generations of suffering and unhappiness”


The Healing with the Ancestors® Workshops are a profound and unique
way of exploring and healing family dynamics.

This will be a journey to uncover where you may be unconsciously taking on destructive family patterns that affect your love life, your career and your money.

This family energy can also affect your wellbeing and cause dis-ease in the mind and body causing such as – anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, alcoholism and unexplained illness among others.

Did you know, as children, we often energetically "take on" the problems or ailments of our parents, in a hope to ease their pain. As little children we all want to ease the pain, tension or challenges we are observing our parents go through. This energy sits with us and until we observe it and clear it - usually as adults. However, some people never understand this or have the opportunity to do this and it can cause all sorts of problems in our life as we hold the energy that belongs to our parents and are unable to live our own path.

Healing with the Ancestors will support you to uncover the hidden dynamics you have taken on as a child as well as the Ancestral karmic energy affects that, may be directly causing challenges in your life, knowingly or unknowingly.

Healing with the Ancestors is your chance to explore what is there in creative and experiential ways, through various shamanic journey’s, family constellations and art. Existing negative family energy can be observed and broken so that any unresolved stress or trauma can be released from you, and your family system, to allow you to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life. Through the insights you will receive during this program, a new course for your life can be set in motion.

This series of workshops are for you if:

  • You have unexplainable negative repeating patterns in your life that you have been unable to heal by other modalities;
  • You have been affected directly or indirectly, by repeating negative family patterns and behaviors such as incest, substance abuse, physical abuse, financial or other physical challenges;
  • You feel extremely over-sensitive to your family history or a certain ancestors’ history;
  • Your have extreme fear of acknowledging/using spiritual gifts;
  • You have other fears or challenges you can’t seem to work through;
  • You feel like you are the one in your family to break the family chains, but not sure how;
  • You have a general interest or curiosity with your Ancestors;
  • Or you feel a deep calling to Ancestral work

What are your ancestral blocks?

Complete my questionnaire below for a personal guide:

Do you often feel that you are out of place or don’t belong anywhere?
Are you determined to be or do things differently to your parents/family?
Do you feel like you are different to the rest of your family or the “odd one out”?
Do you find it difficult to find and connect with your “tribe” (friends/social contacts)?
Do you have big dreams you are working towards/would love to achieve, yet you are struggling manifesting them?
Do you love telling or hearing stories about your Ancestors and family stories (or do you deeply desire to know more)?
Do you think it is important to collect old family photo’s/heirlooms?
Do you hoard or find it hard to let go of things?
When you hear about old family tragedies, do you feel the grief so greatly/are you deeply intrigued, or feel the pain?
Do you wish you were born in another decade, or that things were like they used to be in a previous decade?
Are you often the mediator in your family – working on one family member to be more understanding of other family members?
Are you the one that everyone comes to with their personal or financial challenges?
Have you cared for or been responsible other members’ (including siblings) in the family for long periods in your life?
Do you often feel unsure of who you can turn to with your own challenges, finding it hard to ask for help?
Does your family know of the hardships or challenges you are challenged with?
Have you a strong dream of what you want to do with your life?
Can you often see the strengths and gifts in others, even when they can not see it themselves?
Can you be quite motivating to others to achieve their dreams?
Do you like to think big?
Do you often see how your family could be better if things were different?
Can you swing from being overly vocal and standing up for yourself or others, to clamming up saying nothing and hiding out?
At some point in your life you have had struggled with addiction in whether smoking, drugs, gambling, food, sugar, shopping etc?
Although you love helping people out, do you regularly need your alone time?
Sometimes, do things seem quite hopeless for you and you are unsure of what to do?
Do you often feel like you have been completely drained of your energy and feel tired, drained, depleted?
Do you sense a lot of Spirits around you – particularly when you are laying down at night?
Are you afraid of seeing Spirits/Ghosts even though there is a part of you that yearns to?
Do you sometimes catch a glimpse of light or person at the corner of your eye?
Do you just seem to know what will happen or what is going on with someone but you don’t know why?
Do you often wonder if your loved ones in Spirit can hear you – but you talk to them anyway?
Restart Questionnaire
The Healing with the Ancestors®


The Healing with the Ancestors® process allows you to work on many levels simultaneously.

You will work with Soul energy to allow you to deep dive into your healing and fast-track your path. Often you will see that your perspective or meaning around an issue is much different to what you are shown in the workshop as your family system reveals on a Soul level the root cause of the trauma.

If you sense that you are entangled with, suffering from or burdened by negative family patterns and karma then these workshops will help you –

  • Release the family energy that is impacting your life negatively
  • Put in place healthy energetic boundaries between yourself and your Ancestors
  • Heal entanglements your Soul has with the Ancestors
  • Acknowledge those who have been forgotten in the past
  • Energetically release and end cravings for certain foods or substances if they have not been your own
  • Understand the learning you need to take from the family karma or core wound and how it fits in with your Soul’s life mission
  • Assist in releasing old energy and wounds from your Ancestors
  • Re-align your soul’s focus and energy to connect with healed and evolved ancestors that can guide and support you
  • Move forward in your life on your own terms

The science of epigenetics is proving that many people can inherit the trauma and fear suffered by their Ancestors. As I have always seen in my Ancestor work, patterns, trauma’s and separations suffered in earlier generations move down through many generations until those affected by them are finally able to dissolve them.

Healing with the Ancestors® gives you the opportunity to:

  • Establish the things that happened in earlier generations that were traumatic or caused separation between family members in some way, that is now affecting you and your family;
  • Help your children - children often express what is unresolved between the parents or the Ancestors behind the parents. They also can mirror what you have long suppressed. Also, when someone has been excluded from the family – a failure, a child’s father, an alcoholic – our children often try to “bring in” what is excluded to awareness by continuing the suffering and behaving similarly to the one who has been left out. Children often express the difficult or negative behaviors of the one who has been rejected. However, when you find your peace with the one that has hurt you, it has a positive effect on you individually and, indirectly upon your children, who may feel free from having to carry your heaviness for you.
  • Energetically shift your DNA so as to not inherit physical traits that will not serve you;
  • Explore how you may be “redeeming” what the earlier generations have done (family karma);
  • Identify if you have been unconsciously living or attempting to live out your parents or grandparents unfulfilled dreams, and not living your own dreams;
  • Honor your Ancestors and show thanks through ceremony and ritual.
  • Take your rightful place in the family system, and allow your other family members to do the same. This will allow “order” in your system, and allow love to start to flow through the generations. Family systems are composed of energy that connects the members of the family group. Each system has an “order” in which each member has an equal place. Many western and modern societies have forgotten this. Through this program you will learn to recognize this order and energetically reinstate those members who have been excluded or out of order, and restore the natural order back to the system. This will allow the love to flow more easily and give you a healthy place in your family.
  • You will also learn where you may be “loyal” or entangled with either someone in your family still living today or with an Ancestor who has passed over. Blind love and Soul entanglement can cause all sorts of negative patterns, bindings and challenges in your life. You will be given an opportunity to allow these to be revealed and healed, so that you can begin a path of a more unconditional mature love to unfold in your love life, have better relationships with family and friends, success and self-esteem.
  • Learn ceremony and ritual to “activate” your Ancestral Energy and bring the Ancestors into your life that will enable you to truly LIVE. There are so many people who are truly not able to live their life due to family trauma, entanglements, and karma. Upon healing family energy and restoring the natural order in the family system, you will learn to focus on the “healed” Ancestors, whose purpose is to help those that are living remain alive and live their life to the fullest! You will learn how to activate this family energy and open the channels between you and them to make it possible for them to truly help you, rather than cause problems for you!

The importance of our Ancestors

The importance of our Ancestors has been eroded completely from the western culture, and so has the importance of acknowledging and healing with our Ancestors. If you commit to healing that which needs to be healed, and spend time honoring and being aware of your Ancestors, you can remarkably change your way of living and how you feel.

The positive changes that can result can be unexpected, but welcomed! Once energetic changes begin to happen in your connecting family field on a Soul level, many unconscious shifts begin, followed by many external things shifting in your life.

You do not have to bring the whole family together to work through this program. The work you will be doing will be on an energetic and Soul level, yet the shifts can be felt by many in your family, though it will be different in each person. The important thing to remember is that you are doing this work with a positive intention for finding a resolution for yourself, and not with the motivation of changing someone else.

Many people are being affected by energetic family influences that underlie many physical and emotional problems. Unconscious family loyalties, unresolved family traumas and hidden dynamics are carried in the words you speak, the way you believe and think, they symptoms you express, the body defenses that you unknowingly construct. This is an opportunity for you to navigate this unconscious territory, and begin to shift long-standing patterns or suffering and unhappiness.

Much of your suffering comes from a deep loyalty to your parents and families. The innocent child part of you, wants to alleviate the pain and unhappiness of the family, so you take on that in which we can. Unfortunately, it only leads you to more unhappiness.

For some, you will have felt it necessary to reject or distance yourself from your parents in an attempt to feel free. Yet that only causes more suffering. The path toward true peace is to make peace with your parents, even if they are deceased, or there is simply no way that you can see you can make physical connection to do this with them at this time. You can do this work on a Soul level. What's unresolved with our parents does not automatically disappear. If you do not do this work, the unresolved matter will serve as a template or “blueprint” for all your other relationships.

Each member of your family has an effect on all the other members – dead or alive – via the genetic trail or soul energy by which you are linked. This means that you are greatly affected by what has gone before you in previous generations. Some event or situation may have taken place several generations ago, that was perhaps not accepted or acknowledged by the family in general. This will usually manifest as guilt or shame by the “greater soul” or “life force of the family group”, and will be taken on by individuals in later generations.

This is done in an unconscious attempt to relieve the burden from the rest of the family and may result in such things as a range of mental and, physical illnesses, suicide, or addiction or disturbed relationships patterns. This is why it is important to do your Healing with the Ancestors work, and allow all the members of your family to be acknowledged, take their rightful place, and take full responsibility for the decisions and actions in life.

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I completed the Unlock your Love Blocks program earlier this year. It was one of the most in-depth, life changing programs I have every done. Rebecca Lee guides you through the 12 chakras and gives detailed explanation on each chakra as well as meditations to assist you to delve deeply into the blocks that are there. This program helped me to see and feel the blocks that I had and gave me ways to release these so that I may live my life more fully. Rebecca’s feedback and guidance was always spot on. If you want a program that challenges you and helps you to delve deeply into your soul to help you live a more fulfilled and authentic life, then I would thoroughly recommend doing this course. For me it was one of the best things, I have every done.

Carolyn H, Australia

"I first met Rebecca-Lee in 2015 when she was talking about energy management as part of a rejuvenation retreat she was co-hosting. From there, I became interested in her Unlock Your Love Blocks course and later her Healing with the Ancestors workshops. Rebecca’s teaching style, honesty and spiritual leadership helped me through a number of traumatic circumstances in my life, that were essentially preventing me from attracting the amazing partner I was yearning for.

Her work has helped me (and continues to help me) understand and heal familial patterns that were affecting my life. I have also now met an amazing partner!! I now have the opportunity to co-create a relationship beyond the negative karmic patterns my previous relationships were stuck in, thanks to everything I have learnt and the awareness I have gained about myself through this work.

I feel Rebecca will remain part of my life-long spiritual journey as my mentor and spiritual leader as she continues to provide me with guidance and support.

I would thoroughly recommend you get started with her work - it will change you and your life".

Kelly B

Rebecca Lee has helped me work through some really big family issues that caused me a lot off pain. I felt pressured and over-burdened at times with responsibilities that were really not my own.

Rebecca-Lee has helped me recognise what I was carrying for others that I didn't need to. This work has helped me shift my perception in how I give and receive love and let go of old repeating patterns that I was playing out with my children.  

Rebecca Lee is very caring and intuitive and I am more than happy to recommend her work via private sessions and the various programs as they really help you be self aware and stay on track.
Lynda Kagan

I was searching and  looking for some guidance and tools to help me unlock my blocks to creating love in my life. I had been stuck in some patterns with an ex and really wanted to break out of them. I was also struggling with some family dynamics and lacking the confidence to step into my purpose.  

First and foremost, Rebecca-Lee’s work has helped me connect back with myself as she gave me the tools to dive deep and SEE the real me.  

Rebecca is a wonderful mentor and guide, and her program is truly life changing. Her process guides you through the chakra system in such depth that you will discover so much of what has been blocking you on every level, leaving you feeling empowered and more aware of where you hold yourself back in life.

Since completing this course, I have made lots of positive changes in my life, from letting go of an old worn out relationship to moving to a City I love. This program will challenge your perceptions, beliefs,  release stuck energy and old patterns, and most importantly give you great opportunities to delve deep into your soul.

You will not regret making this investment in yourself.  

Michelle Hozynka

I was at a loss in my life around my role as a mum when I joined the UYLB online program. I enrolled into the program to delve deeper into why I struggled to be confident and know my own self worth.  I also really struggled with having clear boundaries with others.   

During the program one of my biggest lessons I learnt was to trust my own inner compass and  apply that into my life. My life has shifted in many positive ways throughout the course and it still continues to do so. I see myself in a positive  new light and I have been embracing my power through parenting my children in a way I know is right for me and them.  

I honestly feel more love for the person I am today, than I have ever felt before.   I am looking forward to continuing my journey to be the best version of myself and to lead by example for my children.   If you are considering joining this amazing program, there is no doubt that you will be supported  and held with love, safety, respect, compassion and empathy.

You will have access to some profound meditations and resources that you can go at your own pace. You will also need to be prepared to do the work and delve deep. 

If you would like to reconnect and heal parts of yourself, then I highly recommend you do this program. It has been life changing for me."

Rachel Fairlamb

Rebecca-Lee is a beautiful soul. I met Rebecca-Lee at one of her events Unlock Your Love Blocks Events in 2015. I was in a bit of a stuck time in life not meeting the man of my dreams. So I booked her workshop a year in advance! I had never booked an event to help heal my life before. I knew something had to change. The day over the event I arrived not really knowing what it was all about – I just thought is was going to help me find a boyfriend! Lol It gave me so much more. I was amazing. I learnt so much about myself, my ancestors and I met the most amazing souls who were all there for different reasons. We all connected as one, everyone came from across Australia. Now these beautiful souls have become friends for life – we share our ups and downs and still continue to have growing support from Rebecca-Lee through her forums.

Now Rebecca-Lee is someone I look up to as a Coach, friend and beautiful Soul. The Unlock Your Love Blocks work was pivotal in shifting the course of my life and my work as I am now following my dreams to also heal others. In the past few years my life has changed – a new Relationships, a new business and new friends. 

It all started from this work.

Thank you Rebecca-Lee – love you so much for always being there. 

Sandra Caruana

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