Healing With The Ancestors Workshop

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Rebecca-Lee is a natural clairvoyant and channel. She works as an Energy coach and specialises in unlocking karmic patterns – both personal and ancestral.

In her sessions, Rebecca-Lee will clairvoyantly see and sense the energy blocks that are preventing you from love, abundance and purpose. With clear integrity and focus, she uses her gifts to actively seek the truth within you and assist you to work through what is holding you back on your path. She will assist you clear those issues and as a result you will unlock karmic patterns that have been holding you back and repeating the same negative patterns and attracting the same negative people and situations.


  • Healing With The Ancestors Workshop


    February: Relationships and You

    Date: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February
    Cost: $250 for the weekend includes morning tea

    We will be exploring many different aspects of ourselves that hold us back. We will focus in on both, our relationship with self and also how we show up in our relationships with our lovers, our kids, our family, our friends, colleagues, and (for those who are single) our future lover.

    We will explore:

  • What relational patterns have been passed down the family lines that now sit with you to heal?
    • What relationship issues and karmic patterns have been in your family over generations that you can now identify and release them forever?
    • Where is the glass ceiling you are unaware of that is stopping you; making you hold back; and withhold love?
    • Are you able to receive? Can you receive a compliment? Can you be truly seen in your strength and in your vulnerabilities? Can you truly receive someone else's love towards you and if so - to what degree?
  • As we work through these questions and release the karma you free yourself!


    March: The Unseen Universe Within

    Date: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March
    Cost: $250 per person for the March weekend

    This weekend will focus on our Physical Temples - Our Health and Our Bodies


    Explore the health patterns and dynamics of your Ancestors and what we know and don't know that has been passed down to us. You will deep dive into your cells, your DNA, and learn to receive insights from your body including how to decode any illness, injury (chronic or otherwise - past, present or dormant) so that you can release, heal and move forward from it.

    Can you imagine the freedom and power that will come from getting insight from a long term physical condition, or something that recently has popped up! Or that extra weight you have been holding on to for so long, that just seems like it won't leave you?

    We will work on clearing our physical, emotional and mental wounds - including releasing old emotions and distorted thought patterns of our Ancestors from our bodies - our cells, our hearts, and our minds, our organs and our bloodstream.