Terms and Conditions



There are no entry requirements for the UYLB Program.


  1. The full cost of the UYLB program is $2,499.00. The fee for the High Vibration City Launch Special in March 2018 only is $999.00
  1. You may pay the Unlock Your Love Blocks program fee either:-
    a) Upfront – $999 (save $200)

b) Payment plan – by four installments of $299

(Payment Plan)

2.3 If you elect to pay the Program Fee in accordance with the Payment Plan under clause 2.2.b), you will be charged an additional administration fee of $200 for the 4 installments option (Administrative Fee). The Administrative Fee will be paid by equal monthly installments and is included in the Payment Plan payments.

2.4 If you fail to make a payment under the Payment Plan as set out in clause 2.2.b), please see Fee Payment Policy. Your online access to the Modules will be blocked.


3.1 The UYLB Program will be conducted online. Information, correspondence and updates will also be sent to you via updates in High Vibration City and email. It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to access the internet to download, complete and submit all materials, homework, rituals and reflections.

3.2 The UYLB Program comprises of fourteen (14) modules in total. The program will also consist fortnightly live Q&A calls with Rebecca-Lee; fortnightly Energy Transmissions, a High Vibration City member profile, access to the Unlock Your Love Blocks forum in High Vibration City, and all meditations and visualizations.

3.3 Each Lesson comprises both PDF download and live Q&A learning every fortnight, with additional live “Energy Transmissions” each fortnight; with homework learnings, meditations andrituals. You are responsible for completing all lessons and homework for each module so you can move forward to the next module. All reflection quizzes are completely confidential.

3.4 Program modules are released monthly. You will be notified in High Vibration City and sent an email when each module is ready for you to complete.All live sessions will be displayed on the Calendar you will receive so you can plan in advanced accordingly.

3.5 The program will run for 13 months, with Lessons One and Two released in the first month as an introductory and preparation. The last month will be a completion ritual.


4.1 If you wish to partake in the Vision Quests each month you may wish to acquire a small or large amount of items to create an altar or sacred space. There is no minimum requirement to what you need, though a candle and journal are highly recommended. You can be as extravagant as you so wish in terms of setting up for your Visions Quests.

You may also like to purchase ear phones to listen to your meditations and an eye mask can assist go deeper into your journey’s, though not essential.

All modules for the UYLB program will be supplied to you in electronic form in accordance with clause 3.1.


5.1 Once your signed Enrolment Form has been:

a) Received by our Administration Officer; or submitted by you online,

You will be deemed to have accepted, and be bound by: these Terms and Conditions; and the Fee Payment Policy in which you have elected to pay the Program Fee under clause 2.2.

5.2 Once deposit of $299 or full payment of $999.00 is received the following will be delivered to your email address.

a) An email describing how to set up your account in High Vibration City

b) Details about the first live call

c) A calendar to download with all the upcoming dates of module releases, full moons, live calls and energy transmissions.


6.1 For full payment purchases a refund can be obtained in the first 30 days if you contact the office and let them know why you choose to receive a refund. $200 will be deducted from your payment for an Administration Fee.

No refund can be made after the first thirty days, though you may transfer the membership into someone else’s name ONLY within the first 30 days. No transfers available after the first 30 days.

If it is simply a matter of timing you may transfer your enrollment to the next opening of the Unlock Your Love Blocks course and commence at another time (valid for one year only). If you do not enroll in any of the upcoming programs within one year of your purchase you will forfeit your payment.

6.2 For payment plans – your payment for the full course is expected to be paid within the first four (4) months of the program, unless otherwise organized with the Program Director.

6.3If at any stage your monthly payment is declined, your access to the course materials and High Vibration City will be temporary suspended until you can make your monthly payment. You need to contact the program administrator at office@highvibrationcity.com to organize payment as soon as possible.

6.4 Payments that are declined after two attempts of collecting and with no contact from you will mean that you have decided to forfeit your membership in High Vibration City and your Unlock Your Love Blocks program. No refunds will be offered if this is the case and your access to the program and High Vibration City will be revoked.

6.5 If your payments cease, you will not be expected to pay out the remaining of the fee, but there will be no refunds and not further access to the program or the City.



7.1 The UYLB Program is transferable but only within the first 30 days of the program.


8.1 If you have a grievance or complaint, you are able to contact the UYLB Program Coordinator at office@highvibrationcity.com All grievances and complaints will be treated with confidentiality.

We do our absolutely best to ensure that you are treated with the love and respect that you deserve. If you feel in anyway you have been treated badly or are frustrated with any part of the process, we ask you that you please talk to us first and give us the opportunity to talk to you and make things right for you before you talk to anyone else or get frustrated or angry.

Please know we have labored for many hours to ensure you will have the highest vibrating experiences. If something is not right, please do not disengage from the process and contact us at the office and let us know that something is not right.Sometimes things just don’t go right, but we can make it right.

If you feel someone in the forum has abused or mistreated you or anyone else in their use of the forum or their membership profile, please report it to our office immediately by emailing office@highvibrationcity.com


9.1 High Vibration City is committed to integrating access and equality principles within all services that it provides to its students.

9.2 If you feel you have been discriminated against, you are able to contact us at High Vibration City on office@highvibrationcity.com


10.1 There is no specific certification for this program, however, it’s completion will be the pre-requisite you will need should you wish to become an Unlock Your Love Blocks facilitator in the future. Upon completion the program’s logo will be lit up on your profile for future activities in the City.


11.1 Unless High Vibration City Director agrees otherwise in writing, the online access granted to you and the materials provided to you to complete the UYLB Program are intended for your personal use only. You are authorised to print a copy any information contained in the UYLB Program unless such printing is expressly prohibited.All processes, printed and digital material within the Unlock Your Love Blocks program is trademarked. You may not sell or share the information contained in this program as your own.

11.2. We are a small business, and the information you are about to receive has cost the Founder extensive time and dollars. We ask you to please respect this, and we ask you to invoke the laws of the universe and not share or give access to what is being offered to anyone who us not entered a fair exchange to receive the program. 12. LIABILITY

12.1 Rebecca-Lee is not a Doctor or Psychologist. You agree that you enter the program of your own free and your own risk. You agree that you are fully responsible for your own physical, mental and emotional well-being. If at any stage you deem necessary, it is your responsibility to engage the consultation of a professional medical provider. Rebecca-Lee and High Vibration City are hereby not responsible for any physical, emotional or mental damage that you may encounter during or after this program.

12.2 Due to legal requirements we are required to say that any intuitive or psychic information you may receive during this program is for entertainment purposes only. Whatever information, ideas and theories that are put to you during this program is simply for you to decide whether you act or think upon it or not. This is entirely up to you.

12.3 Any rights and/or remedies which are conferred by law, and cannot be excluded, but can be restricted or modified, including but not limited to the Competition and Consumers Act 2010 (Cth) and the Australian Consumer Law, these terms and conditions do not operate to exclude those rights and remedies, however, to the extent that those rights and remedies can be restricted or modified, these terms and conditions will restrict or modify them to the extent that is lawfully permitted.

12.4 Notwithstanding any clause in these terms and conditions, and to the extent

Permitted by law, the maximum liability which High Vibration City will be liable for is the amount of the Course Fee (excluding GST) relating to the modules which have not been completed by you.


13.1Where the UYLB participant may refer potential participants to future UYLB Programs or other Programs offered by High Vibration City a referral award will be offered as agreed to the following:

a)The person referred has been introduced to High Vibration City as a ‘new referral’ in writing via email to office@highvibrationcity.com

b).And the person referred needs to state the name of the Student/Graduate who introduced them to the program on sign up form.

c).If both of these steps are not followed the commission will not be seen as a genuine referral and therefore will not be redeemable.

d). The referral fee is a flat $100 commission and can be redeemed as a credit to that value off future High Vibration City programs valued for a period of 12 months from receiving.


14.1 You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Rebecca-Lee and High Vibration City in respect of all legal proceedings, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, expenses, charges and/or costs however arising, which may be incurred by High Vibration City in connection with:

a) you breaching these terms and conditions;

b) your failure to pay any relevant fees (including but not limited to taxes,

duties, levies or GST); and

c) any misleading statement or omission by you or your agent, officer or

employee in relation to these terms and conditions.

d) that you hold legal and beneficial ownership of the commodity;


15.1 Time of the essence

Time is of the essence in respect to the parties' obligations under these terms and conditions unless otherwise is agreed to.

15.2 Assignment

A party may only assign these terms and conditions or a right under these terms and conditions with
the consent of the other party.

15.3 Entire agreement

These terms and conditions embody the entire agreement between you and High Vibration City.

15.4 Governing law and jurisdiction

Queensland law governs these terms and conditions.

15.5 Severability

a) A clause or part of a clause of these terms and conditions that is illegal or unenforceable may be severed from this document and the remaining clauses or parts of the clause in this document will continue in force.

b) If any provision is or becomes illegal, unenforceable or invalid in any jurisdiction, it is to be treated as being severed from this document in the relevant jurisdiction, but the rest of these terms and conditions will not be affected.

15.6 Notice

Any notice or instruction under these terms and conditions can be made via email to the relevant email you have provided to High Vibration city and vice versa with the email that High Vibration City has provided to you.

15.7 Relationship of the parties

You acknowledge that these terms and conditions do not create any relationship of trust or partnership
between you and High Vibration City.


High Vibration City means High Vibration City Pty Ltd

ACN 148 906 361trading as High Vibration City

UYLB Program means Unlock Your Love Blocks program conducted by Rebecca-Lee of High Vibration City

Enrolment Form means the enrolment form submitted by you via email, phone or in person.
GST means a tax imposed or assessed under GST Law.

GST Law means A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth) (as amended) and all related legislation.

Lessons means the modules of the UYLB Program outlined in clause 3.3.