Unlock Your Lve Blocks

Unlock Your Love Blocks is a 12-month transformational syllabus designed to support the individual to up-level their life energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Working with you to uncover the barriers that stop you from experiencing the deep love that you yearn for in your life – the love that is shared with someone special

This course will not only give you the tools to attract the right partner and deeply connect with them, it will ensure that you have the information, education and tools to create a strong, sustaining and fulfilling love relationship.

What is a love block?

A “Love Block” represents resistance to your own emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Love blocks keep you from living your life as your authentic self and are defined as any physical condition, belief, feeling or spiritual misunderstanding that is preventing you from living your life on purpose and in love.

Your Love Blocks are usually formed from childhood experiences, past life issues, spiritual misunderstandings, energy sensitivities, ancestral energy or any type of shame or trauma you have experienced in your life that remains unresolved.

When you begin to Unlocks Your Love Blocks you will stop living in the negative energy frequency that continually attracts the people and situations that cause you pain, have you repeating the same lessons and experiencing repetitive karma.


of the person you need to be, the person you are looking for and the type of relationship you want


how to see beyond the superficial surface level of life and others so that you can connect deeply with life and yourself

Tools & Strategies

the exact tools, strategies and rituals that will move your life forward to place of deep acceptance where you can connect with and create more love, deep joy and the relationship you desire

Real world

through each lesson you will put what you are learning into practice so that are you progress through the stages of the course, you will be progressing in life too

Deep Confidence

in life often the difference between having what we want and not having what we want is simply a belief. Unlock Your Love Blocks will give you the deep knowing and confidence that YOU can have what you desire and it will guide you through the exact steps of achieving it!

Who the course is for:

  • The person looking for the experience of unconditional love
  • The person searching for their perfect partner in life
  • The person who has someone in their life and wants to create a deep love in their relationship
  • The person who is ready to move past the patterns in her life and attract something new – person, relationship, situation
  • The person who understands that she has the power to alter her experiences
  • The person who wants to be the catalyst for her own love story
  • The person who is looking to master her spiritual gifts to not only create the love she desires but also get on the path of her divine purpose
  • The person who is ready to break through what is blocking them in their love life
  • The person that wants to understand themselves on a soul level and discover their life purpose
  • The person interested in understanding different soul relationships
  • The person who is tired but knows deep down there is something else waiting for you in this life
  • The person wanting deep, authentic confidence in themselves and life
  • The person who is empathic and can feel a lot of what is going on around them but struggles to know what is their own and what is others
  • The person who feels different – like the odd one out
  • The person who feels stressed and irritated but doesn’t know why
  • The person who struggles to trust themselves to make the right decisions
  • The person with a deep desire to do something special in this world

What you will discover:

  • How to create a relationship that is equal in all parts, enriches your life and FEELS good
  • How to attract a partner that you can connect with emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, intellectually and on a deep soul level. A person to share your life with and build a family with.
  • A sense of belonging and connection
  • How to have the comfort of companionship and support
  • Confidence in your worthiness to have the LOVE you want
  • The experience of real true love
  • How to accept your partner and fall deeply in love
  • The truth about manifesting what you want

Free Webinar

Stop repeating your Lve Karma

Learn the 4 simple steps to stop repeating the same patterns and finally EXPERIENCE THE relationship you crave!

Your Investment:

What you will get:

  • Progress and integrate the lessons
  • Fortnightly mastermind sessions including hot seat coaching to show you how you can create energetic shifts to alter the patterns of your life (beneficial especially for those that have a habit of attracting the same person time and time again)
  • Weekly activities that will produce real-time energetic soul shifts meaning you are doing the work as we go
  • Meditations to support ongoing healing and integration
  • A step-by-step 14 module syllabuses delivered month-by-month

Plus Bonuses just for you:

  • Access to the High Vibration City private forum where you can connect with like minded souls and explore the work together
  • Bonus materials from spiritual and energetic leaders
  • Personal Pack of Unlock Your Love Block Cards - for first 20 people
  • ULYLB Mentor and unlimited support
  • One on one session with Rebecca Lee - for first 10 people
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Rebecca Lee


Rebecca Lee is a Spiritual Mentor, natural clairvoyant, intuitive coach and energy worker. She is also the founder of High Vibration City and creator of Unlock Your Love Blocks, Healing with the Ancestors and Unlock Your Money Blocks.

Working with individuals at an emotional and energetic level, Rebecca identifies the internal blocks that are at the root cause of limiting behaviour patterns, so that they can consciously create change in any area of life.

Rebecca has worked one on one with hundreds of clients supporting them to locate and eradicate blockages created by negative experiences of the individual in past and present lives and the family of individuals. Belief systems can be passed downed through generations meaning that for many people, the ideas and beliefs that are holding them back - from experiencing peace, joy, wholeness and abundance - are not even their own!

Rebecca accompanies years of extensive study and training in alternative healing and coaching and a long career working across Australian Government agencies with individuals dealing with injury and stress. It is this combination of practical real world understanding coupled with intuitive natural clairvoyance that has made Rebecca skilled at supporting the individual to grow and evolve emotionally and energetically through practical, simple steps.

Rebecca is the outcome and example of her own work. It is her personal journey that has paved the path to her working with others as a direct channel to healing and wholeness. A qualified “Professional Life Coach,” she has extensive training and experience in energy medicine, spiritual gifts, shamanism, clairvoyant healing, mediumship, and family constellation.

She is the embodiment of the earth mother, grounded in her feminine and dedicated to nurturing the truth in all and supporting any one with a desire to grow and evolve so that they are capable of putting their best into the world.