Do you have Love Blocks?
Take my survey and discover your energy block.

Section A

1. I can look at myself in the mirror and feel love and acceptance.

2. I have positive thoughts about myself and who I am.

3. I believe I am respected and heard by others in my life.

4. I am happy for others – their beauty, gifts, skills, success and abundance.

5. I take care of myself, and put myself first - when I must - so that I can then do my best for myself and others.

Section B

1. I can positively recognise my skills, efforts and achievements.

2. I allow myself to enjoy healthy intimacy with another

3. I trust myself to manage conflict maturely

4. I always respond calmly to challenging situations

5. I had a wonderful childhood

Section C

1. I experience/d minor health problems

2. I can see the other person’s point of view in situations/discussions/arguments

3. I am busy and “on-the-go” and don’t often sit still or have quite time

4. I experience/d major health problems

5. I believe that there is a “right” way to do everything

Section D

1.I feel I am supported and I can talk to those around me about anything.

2. I can express my real thoughts and feelings with out fear of criticism or rejection.

3. I feel I am understood and heard by those around me

4. I speak up for what I believe to be true in a healthy and assertive manner

5. I listen to others without thinking of my reply while they are speaking

Section E

1.I very much feel I fit in with my family, and feel at home with them

2. I can easily identify with my emotions – I understand what I am feeling and why when I have intense emotions arise.

3. I am happy in my working life doing what I believe is my purpose.

4. I believe that I should carry on family traditions and beliefs

5. I have positive feelings about my parents and my ancestors. I am content with who and where I am from.

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